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Got Jigs?  Best make some!!
Step by step creating a cut-off box with 2 fences that are perfectly parallel and both perfectly square to the blade.
Dust collection is not only clean & healthy,it is accurate and efficient.  No chips to unnoticably push the next work piece away from the fence.  No time cleaning chips between work piece change overs.
Disclaimer: Please note all information provided on this ValRoseWoodWorking web site is provided as helpful information.  Insturctions and other information are not guaranteed to be complete or all incompensing.  The final construction and use of items aquired from this site are subject to the personal interpretation of the reader, and their resultant use whether succesful or damaging in material or personal injury is the sole responsibilty of the reader.
Depending on your modem and PC these slide shows may be slow in displaying the next frame.  The 1st next click often takes some time.  I am guessing that it down loads 2 or 3 pics before it goes from 1st to 2nd.  This may reoccur on a later frame.  If you are working a project and really want to see something, but can't let me know.  I will post on another page.  I spent a lot of time putting these slides together and don't want to go and redo them all.  I figure in time everyone will have fast modems and PCs.

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