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Drill Press Table with Incra Fence, Dust Collection, Mechanical and Vaccum clamping.  The vaccum is shown entering on ther right, it passes thru the cavity of the table, then thru the top hose extending from the back.  The top hose can be placed anywhere on top of the table.
Notice the protruding mid-section.  It serves 4 functions.  (1) Pushed in it closes the vaccum gate to the top hose.  (2) Sacrafical zero clearance base. The mid section can be quickly rotated, flipped, or slid back and forth to provide many fresh spots for creating a new zero clearance surface/geometry.  Replacement of the sacraficial mid-section is easy, its just a 3/4" ply rectangle.  With the radial drill press, it can drill any spot down the middle with zero clearance capability.  (3) Vaccum hold down.  There is enough vaccum leakage along both sides of the mid-section to vaccum clamp medium to large pieces.  Close the gate, partially or completly, and the vaccum clamp gets stronger.  Replace the mid-section with one filled with holes to further create clamping.  A pattern of holes can vaccum clamp small pieces.  (4) Table extension: the table is already very large, but still comes in handy for table leg drilling or stabilizing a large panel.
Vertical Table for end drilling.  Vertical fence maintains the square setup and doubles as a clamping surface.  Sliding mechanical clamps hold the work piece in place. 
For end drilling on a standard drill press loosen the star knobs under the drill press's steel table and slide the table jig to the right.  On the radial drill press, as shown above, just swing the head to the left over top of the vertical table.
Checking the squareness of the setup. 

The vertical fence slides left/right by loosening the tri-knobs shown. >>

<< Vaccum port is clamped in place. >>
Incra fence with left/right Incra Stops.  Layout and setup the 1st piece then drill all the rest exactly the same.
Dust collection keeps the table clear, easing change over to the following piece.  Also, visibility is not impaired allowing continuous inspection of the cut.
The quill exerts a tremendous pressure downward.   A lot of clamping is necessary to keep the work piece from slipping down.
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