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ValRose Wood Works
Wood Works
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Bandsaw Pattern Following Jig
Pattern Bit use on Scroll Pattern
Scroll Sanding Tables
Drill Table Horizontal & Vertical
Dowel Center Finding Pins
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Mortise Jig

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Depending on your modem and PC these slide shows may be slow in displaying the next frame.  The 1st next click often takes some time.  I am guessing that it down loads 2 or 3 pics before it goes from 1st to 2nd.  This may reoccur on a later frame.  If you are working a project and really want to see something, but can't let me know.  I will post on another page.  I spent a lot of time putting these slides together and don't want to go and redo them all.  I figure in time everyone will have fast modems and PCs.
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