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Taper leg Planner jig
3/4" ply top with 3/4" MDF bottom.  Cut two 3/4" wide x 1/4" dados on each side  of top & bottom wth a 1/4" thru slot.
Secure a 1" apron around the paramater of the top.
Screw down 2 hindges on one end.  Take care to clamp the 2 panels together and accurately center the screws in the hindge to assure that the top panel rises at the same height without twisting.  This assures uniform depth on all tapered work pieces.
Cut 1/2 x 1" or 3/4" x 1 1/4" fence.
Cut 1" shims, starting at 1/8" height and increasing by 1/8".  10 shims should do.
Cut 3/4 x 1/4 x 2" shim locks and drill a hole in the middle. (ply or hardboard)

Your now ready to make tapers!

Set the angle of the top panel with the shims, see  below.  Lock them in place with a wood screw thru the shim lock then down on to the top panel thru the 1/4" slot into the shim.
Similarly, insert a shim lock on the back side of the top panel, screw up thru the slot into the fence.
Place shims 3" to 6" apart to prevent deflection.  Use double sided tape to secure a shim at the very end of the top panel.

Set Taper Angle:
Setting the taper angle couldn't be simpler.  Layout the angle on one of the leg blanks.  Set the jig on your bench top with the blank adjacent to it.
Insert 1 shim and slide it back & forth until the edge of the apron is lined up with the layout line on the blank.
If necessary, place a flat board under the blank to raise it up to the apron height.  Also, slide the blank back or forth as desired to adjust to the apron's height.
The location of the blank does not matter.  It just needs to be somewhere along the side of the jig.  
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