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Here is 1st in a series of pics I will be adding as I renovate this Craftsman Accra-Arm Radial Arm Saw.  This was a gift from a Great Wood Worker Friend, Leo.  To show my appreciation, I plan to make it look new as in the 1960's.
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This page was last updated on: February 9, 2004

Craftsman Accra-Arm before renovation
Craftsman Accra-Arm Radial Arm Saw
Mfr: Emerson, Model: 113.29003, early to mid 1960's, ~1.5 hp, 110/220v,  blade: 10", rip: in-rip 8 7/8", out-rip 18 1/4" w/ fence at front table, 25 3/8" w/ fence at table clamps, cross-cut: ~ 18"
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The RAS had mostly worn, scratched, and pealed paint with light ot medium rust.  Most of the bolts and screws were rust coated.

In the 1st set of pictures above you can see the patches of rust on the post.  Rust Free turned the red rust black.  T-9 will keep it rust free from here and have the added benefit of making the height adjustment on the post function smoothly.
Installation of bottom table and sacraficial top table.  Use of RS-Aligner and TS-Aligner to tune-up the adjustment.

Arbor run out measured at .0005", not bad eh.