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Router with crank handle.  Smoothly adjust bit height.  I squat down so as to look horizontally along the bit. I hold the height gage in the left hand over the bit and reach under the table with the right hand to turn the crank.  It is very easy.
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DW621 Router mounted on 1/2" plexiglass plate.  No chance of sag here.  4 wing nuts tighten it down.  Very easy to remove.  Twist the plate 45 degrees counter clockwise.
Bit changing cannot be any easier.  Unplug router, push in collet lock with screw driver, untighten collet.
You can see half of the MesaVista steel fence mounted on to the wing of my TS.  Incra Intellifence on TSIII fence.  Features: Router/Shaper fence, micro adjustments, upper & lower dust collection, large table, small table with fence reversed, high fence.
Upgraded to Incra WonderFence.  Same features with easier shaper fence adjustments.
MesaVista Router Steel Table wih plexi-glass inserts.
Using the corner of Grip-Tite magnetic feather board as guide pin.  Routing smooth curve on push stick handle.
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