Bandsaw & Tracing Jig making Oak Mission Chair Leg

Carpet tape scroll leg template on oak blank.

Setup Bandsaw Tracing Jig. Blade is in slot of tracing jig.

It leaves 1/16" gap from template. Notice how well this Grizzly G1073 tracks.

Nice even scroll and perfectly square to the table.

Ain't that sweet.

There's the Grizzly 16" Bandsaw just past that masked man! 8 years of hobbiest use & always worked like a charm. Typical tune-up. Rolling bearing guides recommended.

Grizzly G1073 16", 1 1/2 hp, 220V, 3 speed (1900, 2400, 2900 fpm), 320 lbs, very heavy wheels make a big difference, I believe, in a bandsaw.