ValRose Wood Works
Kelly's Mission Oak Chairs
Mission Oak Chairs
Star Island Platform bed 
Drill Press table.  Example of some neet and great shop jigs.
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ValRose Wood Works Welcomes You
18th Century Replica Set Back Cupboard
Disclaimer of Liability: Please note all information provided on this ValRoseWoodWorking web site is provided as helpful information.  Insturctions and other information are not guaranteed to be complete or all incompensing.  The final construction and use of items aquired from this site are subject to the personal interpretation of the reader, and their resultant use whether succesful or damaging in material or personal injury is the sole responsibilty of the reader.
See more details of these  & other show pieces!
Pictures on this page are highlights from the categories listed to the left.
Click on a Category Listed on the left.  Or click on a picture to go to its category.
Most pieces include pics of how it was crafted.
It will give you a real appreciation of the required effort!

Enjoy!  And be sure to leave your greeting!!
Flag Boxes provided to WUFA whom presented them to NYC Fire Dept.
Flag Boxes For American Heros
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