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KBuster Cat stay out of my saw dust
Dewalt 621mounted on MesaVista Steel tabe. Click to see more.
Ext. Wing & Rolling Stand
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TS Extension Wing & Rolling Stand
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Bandsaw & Tracing Jig in Action
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Steel Router Table on TS Wing
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Jointer Setup & Techniques
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Jointer Setup pics
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Zero Clearance Throat Plate with Integrated Splitter

click for more pic and Everything you want to know about Throat Plates & Splitters
Updated 9-15-02
Resawing on Grizzly G1073 Bandsaw, incredible!
Grizzly G1073 Bandsaw Demos
update 9-18-02
Dado Setup
update 10-5-02
Craftsman Accra-Arm RAS before renovation.  Wonderful gift from a great WW friend!
Renovation of RAS
updated 07-20-03
Jointer Tune-Up pics
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update 12-22-02
What shop noise?
Shop Dog
Remove twist with Jointer
The shop that was.
Fun & Funny
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Hand Tools
RAS Station
RAS Station, updated 01-02-05
Wet Table Sharpening Station
Wet Table Sharpening Station Station, updated 01-02-05
Shop 2005 Walk Around
Shop Walk Around, new layout 2005