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Disclaimer: Please note all information provided on this ValRoseWoodWorking web site is provided as helpful information.  Insturctions and other information are not guaranteed to be complete or all incompensing.  The final construction and use of items aquired from this site are subject to the personal interpretation of the reader, and their resultant use whether succesful or damaging in material or personal injury is the sole responsibilty of the reader.
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Plane Restoration
Bailey #5 Hand Planes from Brimfield Flee Market
Plane Collections
Hand Tool Collection 2003
HNT Gorddon Planes
Getting to know my HNT Gordon Planes
This is an idea outside of the box.  A shooting board with depth stop.  Useful for controlling depth of cut and edge to edge parallism.  Good for a novice hand planer like me.
Using Hand Plane & Scraper
Flattening a table top and edge finishing with scraper and hand planes.