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This baby is extra large.  Features over & under dust collection, sliding clamps, incra fence with stops, vertical table for end drilling, and vaccuum hold down.
Drill Press table
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Cut-Off Box with Clamps & Dust Collection
Cut panels perfectly square and with perfectly straight edges.  Clamp assures no slight work piece movement.  Among other benefits, dust collection keeps fence clear of sawdust that could push the piece out of alignment.
Create several taper legs of same size all at once
Planner Taper Jig
Taper several equally sized legs quick & easy.  2 adjacent sides can be tapered, then the other 2 sides can be tapered with use of shims.  Strips at the very end - no need for tapered full length slims.  Fast setup for any leg size up to 39" long.
Disclaimer: Please note all information provided on this ValRoseWoodWorking web site is provided as helpful information.  Insturctions and other information are not guaranteed to be complete or all incompensing.  The final construction and use of items aquired from this site are subject to the personal interpretation of the reader, and their resultant use whether succesful or damaging in material or personal injury is the sole responsibilty of the reader.
Square Chisel Mortiser Vertical Table with Horizontal & Extension Fences
No need to be restricted by your Mortiser max work piece height of under 5 inchs.  Swing it around 180 degrees and use this vertical table.  Work piece height up to 44 inchs. The table width is 1 1/2" or 3" with the Extension table.
Here is Wood Magazine's Plunge Router Jig mounted on a stand for convenient permanent setup.

Vertical Table with Horizontal fence. 

Can plunge mortise or dado an infinite length.

Wood Magazine April 2000, p62
Router Mortiser with DW621 Plunge Router, including dust collection.
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